View Full Version : Nexen N5000 tires

07-05-2009, 04:24 PM
Just a heads up about the Nexen brand of tires for anyone who is in the market for a new set of tires. I currently own a 2007 Sti with upgraded turbo, full exhaust and intake upgrade, also an ECU upgrade. According to my mechanic who is a Subaru expert, I'm pushing somewhere between 440hp-460hp at the crank. My mechanic had a set of new Nexen N5000 H rated tires he was selling, he did not recommend them for me because they are H rated, and these tires are more suited for civics and tiburons with light modifications. I grabbed them anyways because they were cheap, and they were the correct size, 225 45 17. I wasn't expecting much from a set of H rated all season performance tires but I was really blown away by how well these tires handled well over 400 hp. H rated means its designed not to exceed 130mph. I went above that, way above, according to my GPS based speedo, I was doing 182mph on these H rated tires and they felt just as solid if I was going 60mph. I didn't do this once, but several times. Cornering grip is great, wet traction I give 7.5/10, acceleration grip is 9.5/10 and the best part is they have great longevity. I never heard of the Nexen brand, later I found out they make tires oriented for ultra high performance cars, so I can imagine those tires being even better. After some research, I learned that Nexen is an off brand of Kumho, so there is Kumho tech in these tires. I'm really impressed with this brand, if you guys are in the market for new tires, don't waste your money on big name brands, especially don't waste your money on goodyear!! Worst tires at expensive prices. Nexen makes a tire called the N2000 which I read in a BMW M3 forum to be very good.