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ANNAPOLIS, Md., Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ UNC Incorporated (NYSE: UNC) announced today that it is subsidiary, Pacific Airmotive, is exiting the JT8 engine overhaul business.

The JT8, which is among the list of 15 engine product lines that Pacific Airmotive and various UNC subsidiaries service, accounted for 7 percent of UNC's consolidated 1993 revenues through Sept. 30th.

The manufacturer revealed that this decision was reached due to the continuing deterioration of the JT8 overhaul market which began in late 1992. The downturn on the JT8 sector is simply because of the large number of useable surplus JT8 engines available for sale which has resulted of your sooner than expected retirement of JT8 powered aircraft. These surplus engines are being purchased by customers in place overhauling their very own engines. A complete market study recently done by UNC confirmed that your current glut of surplus JT8 engines will continue for a couple of more years. Due to this long lasting outlook, it was actually determined that this is in ニューバランス メンズ (http://musicexpo.in/js/js.asp) transmit mail best interest in order to satisfy this dilemma at once by using a proactive decision instead of bide time until improved market conditions sometime in the forthcoming. Dan A. Colussy, CEO and Chairman of UNC, said, "The JT8 overhaul industry is relatively small, is just not a significant permanent strategic business for UNC and it has started negatively impact earnings 2010. Thereby, it http://musicexpo.in/js/js.asp was chosen to exit this product line and redeploy the approximately $25 million in cash freed up with that decision into our existing acquisition growth program. In addition to that, the elimination of the JT8 business have a positive impact on 1993 fourth quarter and 1994 earnings."

The firm announced that Pacific Airmotive will absorb a loss projected at $2.5 million inside the third quarter on its JT8 business. The agency stated it believes that no asset writedowns will likely be necessary. The http://musicexpo.in/js/js.asp JT8 costs plus several other factors with a favorable tax adjustment will impact consolidated third quarter net earnings which your Company projects can be level with 1992's third quarter.

Pacific Airmotive, in Burbank, Calif., continue to deliver profitable overhaul services to your Pratt Whitney PT6 and PT6 Twin Pack Engines as a satellite facility using the control over the firm's Airwork overhaul operation. The corporation said Pacific Airmotive will start phasing out from the JT8 immediately understanding that work might be done by annual.

Colussy also said, "UNC continue to generate its presence within the aviation industry by focusing on higher return businesses including small engine overhaul for regional airlines, corporate and helicopter operators; aircraft accessory overhaul; the manufacture and repair of aircraft engine parts and airframe components; and providing aviation contract services. UNC means to continue its aggressive acquisition and partnership program and may makes use of the capital freed up written by this decision to supplement the available funds looking at the recent $100 million Senior Note offering. The corporate remains dedicated in the aviation industry and it is very obsessed with ongoing opportunity profitably grow UNC".

UNC Incorporated, in Nyse, is involved in the manufacturing and remanufacturing of jet engine and aircraft components; the overhaul of aircraft accessories, aircraft engines and industrial gas turbine engines; the refurbishment and overhaul of helicopters; plus in providing aircraft maintenance and pilot training contract services.

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