View Full Version : Harmonic Balancer/Crank Pulley repair

06-25-2009, 12:42 PM
This is my first time here. My Sister owns a 2005 RS Impreza, and she was involved in a rear end collision the other day (an off duty police officer hit the car behind her, and that car rear ended her). Anyways, the body damage is not too bad, just some plastic parts, a could small dings in the trunk lid, and some paint, and yep, that tank of a subaru kept her safe! The problem is up front:

The harmonic balancer/crank pulley shifted about 1/2 an inch to 3/4 an inch forward (it slipped where the rubber isolator ring is that holds it to the hub bolted to the crank). And it is wobbling all over, ate the A/C belt right off, and in the mean time broke the bands in the alternator/powersteering pump. The problem is, the insurance is saying that this is not a cause of the accident, that it's just random chance that this happened right after she was hit. The dealer even said that was the cause, but the insurance company talked to another body shop that said it wasn't the cause. Also, the A/C compressor is locked up now too.

Here is what I am thinking happened, the wreck jarred the engine, knocking the pulley foward and wobbly. The pulley, now wobbling with the belts riding on the endges, put too much stress on the A/C compressor pump every time the engine turned to the spot where the pulley stretched the belt the most, causing the pump to fail because of too much side load where it was constantly over tight over then loose every revolution. Can anyone on here give me something to use against this insurance company to help her. They are only going to cut her a check for a little over $1000, which won't even cover the mechanical repairs if done at the dealer (needless to say, I'm going to be doing the A/C repair, dealer is already doing the balancing).

Much thanks in advance!