View Full Version : 2005 Legacy Wagon and Britax Frontier Booster seat?!

06-17-2009, 03:52 PM
I've attempted to install the Britax Frontier Booster seat in my 2005 Legacy Wagon but it doesn't seem to fit! I went to a certified instructor at the local police station and we tried both the short and long belt paths in the driver side passenger seat.(we also tried the Short Belt Path in the middle but no go). Has anyone out there installed this seat(which is awesome) onto a 2005 or greater Subaru. The belt stalks in a 2005 are very short and encased with plastic(so no twisting). They seem to line up behind the seat in either way(though the LongBP the stalk was just behind the edge of the seat). I believe this is what is preventing it from a good install. If anyone else has a great 5pt harness booster which fits well into a Subaru Legacy 2005> please let me know! I've also posted on car-seat.org but in 1 day have had 20 readers but no replies!:<