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02-14-2014, 06:23 PM
Step Parents

I understand I went over this around my other post, nonetheless should vent.

DSS(12) arrived for his Summer time parent time wearing shoes that any of us bought him for Christmas 2010. They may be a size 6. DSS also played basketball this last winter wearing the basketball shoes we bought him for his birthday truly, which are usually a size 5.5. BM notified us well towards the basketball season that DSS was playing, and (shocker) didn't demand we pay anything (BG: we certainly have told BM historically that we will only leave her with additional $ for extracurriculars they can absolutely be insured by CS if she could stop us updated about his season and send us pictures. She refuses and calls my DH a DBD for planning to connect DSS's experiences approximately he is able to from over 1000 miles away. SMH). We solved her notification by telling her permitting us know whether DSS needed any basketball equipment (like shoes). No response whatsoever.

Anyway, Whether DSS if those shoes still fit, because was impressed which he had kept them in good shape for so long. He explained they "kind of" hurt, i could tell he was sugar coating it. Keep in mind that these are the shoes he wears for PE and EVERYTHING. He does not use a single cheap air jordan shoes free shipping (http://alessam.com/main.asp?q=21) other fashion footwear (in addition to sandals) to his name. BM literally has not bought him a pair of actual shoes since 2009. He is 12. Their feet grow like weeds at the age.

I absolutely tookDSS in to the shoe store. He's said to be wearing a 7.5!!!!!!! He was running around in shoes which were a size . 5 too small, and played basketball in shoes that had been two full sizes too small! I not surprisingly got him an exciting new ballet shoes, as this is UNACCEPTABLE. Needed to weep for DSS. How much mom does that? Oh wait, BM's too busy buying areas like iPads for herself and SF is buying car parts to try out around with. So I reckon that occurs when our CS will go, because its obviously not going toprovide components for DSS. I am just just irate that BM would execute this to him. Just another thing that signifies that she cares a lot more about having the capacity to use DSS in an effort to control her XH than she cherish DSS himself. She disgusts me. We went out and bought her a whole new pair and we kept them in charge of acquire supplies we were treated to them (the real estate sector them EOW) and DH carried her with the house and also her in side your house and walked away. BM started yelling that you should http://alessam.com/main.asp?q=24 make certain to bring the brand new shoes the next time. Uh, no. Merely over weight . likely to contiue to make the girl wear small shoes if you ought not buy any.

My heart hurts for such children.

I made certain with DSS that that's his ONLY fashion footwear (rather than the basketball shoes which we all purchased as they are too small). He wouldn't lie. And this is one case where I truly don't believe BM sent him in crap (the sneakers still looked decent, but couldn't fit) because she wanted us to order him stuff. She does thatALL the right time with pants, shirts, socks, andeven underwear. And we all know for certain which they has other things at BM's for better (although she rarely buys him jeans until well after brand-new areas such as outgrown a couple). This footwear haven't fit for countless years, which are the one pair he has got. As a consequence of size discrepancy, I'm seriously doubting construct y still fit him at Thanksgiving whilst was released here, but we really didn't think to check out the 4 days we needed with him. I'm guessing they have been not big enough approximately A few months, honestly. He really should have had a new pair get started on the institution year, or maybe his birthday or Christmas at the very least (instead of BM buying him the latest tv as he already had one inch his http://alessam.com/main.asp?q=25 room).

And so i guess maybe or maybe not that BM sent him understanding that these folks were too small and hoping we will get a new pair, but you would believe she had recognize that i would be documenting things like this and the something like that doesn't look too fabulous on her as a parent one more thing to add to the the explanation why the actual changing custody. Regardless, Iguess Ithink that she either knew and didn't care or make it a priority (and figured "I'll force his dad to own him new shoes if it is a horrible parent"), or the woman with really so self involved that she hasn't bothered to examine and see if his shoes fit since 2009 which shouldn't surprise me the least bit, really.

Reckon I'll consider getting him a completely new pair for Christmasevery year that he's for winter break for his birthday every single year that he's for Thanksgiving. BM apparently doesn't find that he's at the age where shoes are a "cool" gift, so she's still buying him served by tvs and gaming systems andthe like. I'm fine repair. Is actually irritating when i need to plan it in that way. We not able to just buy him new shoes all the time along with CS without it being as a gift or whatever.

If we email her concerning it, she is going to just mention that we're "bullying" her (it's her goto word if we debate and her or start and issue about DSS). She's going to also likely mention that he is mostly a SAHM (to her 2 YDSs), and should not afford it. Well, she decide to be considered SAHM, which is not our problem, nor if it is DSS's problem. The demands of the complete family ought to have been included when she quit her job, of course, if SF couldn't support all of them,BM really should be scheming to make along the difference. DSS has income being released in (CS) for him, so he in comparison with absolute LAST person to be without anything in the household. If you've got any concerns for your own health or the health with the child, keep your abdominal muscles consult your physician yet another healthcare professional. Please assess the Privacy and Relations to Use before by using site. Your technique site indicates your agreement to remain bound from the Comparison to its Use.