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How USS Constitution Became 'Old Ironsides'

On 18 June 1812, the young Usa declared war on the foremost power around the world Great Britain. The two and a half year War of 1812, also known as the country "Second War of Independence," forged the destiny of one's continent for 200 years.

Probably the most remarkable stories within the War was that from the threemasted wooden frigate USS Constitution. For the surprise of both Americans as well as British she defeated four English warships, earning every her three captains a congressional gold medal.

Although historians judge these victories of having had minimal cause problems for the eventual outcome, they ended the parable of invincibility about the Royal Navy. Going back to Boston after each successful encounter, USS Constitution and her crew were publicly extolled, and her reputation grew directly into the American national icon she remains today.

In August 1812, throughout a 35minute duel with HMS Guerriere off the coast of Quebec, USS Constitution won her famous moniker. Observing cannonballs fired with the British ship bouncing harmlessly off her 25inch oak hull, an incredulous sailor cried out, "Huzza! Her sides are made of iron!"

Only five months later, "Old Ironsides" sank a smaller and faster ニューバランス 996 メンズ (http://the-waff.com/asp/main.asp?q=190) adversary, HMS Java, heli-copter flight coast of Brazil.

Her final quarries within the War were HMS Cyane and HMS Levant, defeated near Madeira in February 1815.

Despite numerous subsequent victories, Old Ironsides never fired a round in combat again. Today, she holds the honour to become the oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat and was designated America of http://the-waff.com/asp/main.asp?q=203 State in '09.

The firstever Australian map shaped silver coins were issued in 2002 to mark the bicentenary of Matthew Flinders circumnavigation of Terra Australis. Issued as legal tender of Uganda, the fourcoin set included colour designs celebrating Flinders ship, HMS Investigator, along with his historic talking with French explorer Nicolas Baudin at Encounter Bay in http://the-waff.com/asp/main.asp?q=199 April 1802.

One year later saw the making of an Tuvalu fourcoin set, at this point in honour of Australian pioneers of aviation including Charles Kingsford Smith, Charles Ulm, Bert Hinkler and Rev John Flynn Royal Flying Doctor Service.

A revived version of the mapshaped coin concept from The Perth Mint actually was really a surprise success that pointed related to potential interest among collectors. Designed as being a piece to your Shanghai World Expo, much of the 30,000 Australian legal tender coins were available in China under a special distribution agreement.

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