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Spain Football Goalkeeper Casillas

Iker http://fto-jo.com/images/aj.html Casillas who will be a Spanish football goalkeeper leads in the form of captain for La Liga and Real Madrid club plus Spanish National Team. In 2008 Spain national team won 1st European Championship he was the captain ブーツ ugg (http://fto-jo.com/images/ugg.html) for Spanish team. Favored adjudged twice with the European Footballer of the year in 2008 anf the was ranking 4th. Cristiano Ronaldo and Casillas were voted towards the UEFA team of the year following the year 2012. In the same year he won all national Championship titles and all of the major clubs. He won wide range of individual awards as part of his fantastic performance. In 2011/12 season, Casillas http://fto-jo.com/images/n996-1.html won the IFFHS Best Goalkeeper award. They are the actual player who won this award 4 times. Next year year, IKer won the Prince of Asturias Award for sports in 2012. He played FIFA World Youth Championship in 1999.

In 2000, he was crowned youngest and robust goalkeeper to spend time playing a CL (Championships League) during Real Madrid beat the Valencia with 30 points. During the past year, he reach the record of 454 matches equalizes Paco Buyo's. Iker Casillas played his 600th match vacation serious Madrid beat Athletic Bilbao this year with 41 points. His international Career is excellent to all of the matches. Casillas is the most capped goalkeeper within the Spain national team. During Euro 2004, he played for Spain against Norway in 30. While in the UEFA match he was taken the role as a general first goalkeeper captain and lists the UEFA European Championship Trophy by Spain against Germany having 10. During 2010, he was captained Spain won the very first World Cup title against Netherland. He can be the sole player who reaches the 100 international Tournaments for their own Country. Iker Casillas profile shows more records and achievements did by him in every match. His achievements are inspired by junior team sportsmen.

The real deal Madrid he played totally 654 matches and 693 GA in his overall carrier and with Spain team totally he played 143 and 79 GA. In 2011th year, he was appointed since the Goodwill Ambassador to your U . n . Development Programme's Millennium Development Goals. Also he was the manufacturer sponsorship in the Adidas next year before he sponsored for the Reebok in 2004. He soon began to spend time playing the 2 main major Group D games against Russia and Sweden. He saved two more penalties' in Euro 2008 tournament.