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02-10-2014, 07:20 PM
Awesome and great photos of Google offices

generally look great I'm sure there are plenty fat dudes who drink copious variety of soda (like the geek in Jurassic Park) that do http://aliman.sch.ps/images/jordan.html the coding, nevertheless they will not show him, are they going to:taunt:.

Just maybe another aspect could it be is rather practical for G to apply ideas that morph into cash cows (If only We could look into some!) pink paper straws (http://aliman.sch.ps/images/paper.html) so a small amount of focussed coding = a product that takes minimal maintenance (in comparison to other types of revenue machines).

And so the human output therefore is a bit more weighted towards ideas/concepts http://unipaints.com/images/ugg.html = nontangibles. I think that must be makes the place unique. Create different ways to allow people's brains for being stimulated often permitting the creativity circulate. I'm certain there are numerous bluesky conversations taking there not inhibited by budget considerations, time restraints etc.

Additionally it is a lesson if other major companies would utilize a team of 'ideas people' who happen to be given much the same type of environment instead of weighed down to many other more tangible 'output measurements' , I am aware some really groundbreaking ideas could leave it too.